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CollabNet TeamForge 16.7Web-based Training (Web and Mobile)

CollabNet TeamForge - New Features and Functionality
This course provides an overview of the new features and functionality being introduced in CollabNet TeamForge.
Some of the TeamForge training material has not significantly changed from 16.3 to 16.7, so is not addressed in this training release.Please refer to 16.3 content for help.

CollabNet TeamForge - Introduction and Guided Tour
This course provides an introduction of the CollabNet TeamForge application including a high-level overview of the platform and a demonstration of its key features and functionality.

CollabNet TeamForge - Project Member Essentials
This course provides a guided tour of the TeamForge application, introducing key concepts and explaining each component of the product and how they work together to support a software development lifecycle.

CollabNet TeamForge - Project Administrator Essentials
This course prepares project administrators with the information required to configure TeamForge projects to meet each project team's specific requirements.