CollabNet Web-based Training

Welcome to the CollabNet Web-based Training Project

This project contains the latest of our training content.  Content is continuously updated to reflect changes to the product. Use the links at left or below to jump to the pages with the training content you are looking for.

What's New in TeamForge 2017 - This Power Point presentation explains the new features and functions as well as trends in TeamForge,  It is compiled for the calendar year to include each year's releases and is made available after each update.

TeamForge Quick VideosThese brief videos are focused on tasks, activities and goals so that you can find the information you need without viewing the larger modules.

TeamForge Screen Guides - These screenguides explain the layout and functions available in various TeamForge screens within the product.

TeamForge SCM/VC - These videos focus on Subversion, Git and Subversion Edge

TeamForge Desktops - These videos detail the various desktop clients available from CollabNet for using common apps to access TeamForge functionality, including Visual Basic, Eclipse and so forth.

Training Site (16.7) - This site is the last of the full updates to the training materials. From this version forward, changes to the product will be addressed as QuickVideos and ScreenGuides or, when needed, as a Module.


For questions or help, please contact Tara Selman at (