TeamForge Web-based Training

We are currently transitioning our training to a better platform and format. In the meantime, please use the links below to find the training you want.

The videos and other training assets are now organized in the TeamForge Documents tool. The folders are shown below. Please scroll through the folder categories and contents to find the training you seek. Note that this is not the final display for our training modules, only a method of granting access while we make our changes.

PLEASE NOTE: [29 September 2021] Many of the Desktop application Training Modules are unavailable. There has been no existing source for these modules found as yet. We will continue searching, but for now, please view the modules that do exist.

[6 July 2021] Two of our Project Admin videos are corrupt and their source cannot be recovered. Instead, we have uploaded ZIP files of their original output. SImply click on the title and the ZIP file will download. You can open the 
ZIP, then open the file folder and find the file named "index". Double click on this file to start the video. The two videos are:

  • Project Admin Essentials - Documents Administration
  • Project Admin Essentials - Customizing Project Pages - Intro

Thank you for your understanding.

TeamForge Quick Videos - These brief videos are focused on tasks, activities and goals so that you can find the information you need without viewing the larger modules.

TeamForge Screen Guides - These screenguides explain the layout and functions available in various TeamForge screens within the product.

TeamForge Fundamentals - These videos comprise the base of TeamForge learning for both users and administrators.  Last updated for version 16.7, they step the user and admin through various day to day tasks and activities for their different roles.  These are a great starting point in your TeamForge learning journey.
Use the Folders displayed below to select your training from the Project Member Fundamentals or the Project Admin Fundamentals. You will need to click on the module title, then again on the Name to open the video. If you do not see the topic you are looking for, use the Open Folder option at the top of the listing.

COMING IN 2021, New Quick VIdeos to address new features and updates and augment the Fundamentals

For questions or help, please email us at

TeamForge Quick Videos
Document ID : Document Name Size Last Edited By Last Edited On  
doc4557: Cloning an Artifact 42.02 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4553: Closing Multiple Artifacts - Mass Update 8.81 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4558: Creating Artifacts - List View 9.82 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4545: Creating Field Dependencies 13.51 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4554: Editing Artifacts - Task Board 6.04 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4552: Parsing Backlog into Tasks 44.24 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4549: Save and Share Tracker Searches 9.68 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4548: Showing Workflow Bottlenecks Using the Kanban Board 12.53 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4559: Submitting an Artifact 7.44 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4551: Transitioning to New States - Task Board 6.85 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4555: Updating Artifacts - In Line 52.85 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4556: Updating Artifacts - Open to Edit 11.32 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4560: Using TeamForge Help 8.86 MB Tara Selman 06/10/2021
doc4547: Using Trackers to Enforce Process 10.04 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4546: Using Trackers to Enforce Responsibilities 9.16 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4561: Using Tracker to Enforce Workflow 43.53 MB Tara Selman 06/10/2021
doc4550: Viewing Only the Artifacts You Need 34.72 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
doc4544: Working with Teams 56.34 MB Tara Selman 06/09/2021
TeamForge Project Member Fundamentals
Document ID : Document Name Size Last Edited By Last Edited On  
doc4431: Discussions 93.08 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4433: Documents 94.37 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4435: File Release System 58.84 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4429: Filtering and Sorting 51.83 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4428: Monitoring 77.22 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4441: My Workspace 98.42 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4430: Navigation, Search and Help 89.26 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4440: Project Home Pages 53.18 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4434: Reports 56.38 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4439: Source Code: Introduction 72.32 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4438: Source Code – Using Subversion 55.47 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4437: Trackers - Artifacts, Planning Folders and Teams 202.18 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4436: Trackers - Sorting and Filtering 145.33 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4432: Wiki 106.62 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
TeamForge Project Admin Fundamentals
Document ID : Document Name Size Last Edited By Last Edited On  
doc4459: Controlling Project Access 78.96 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4461: Controlling Project Access - Default Access Permissions 89.17 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4460: Controlling Project Access - Project Membership and Permissions 124.71 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4463: Creating a Project 35.84 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4444: Customizing Project Pages - Customizing 107.6 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4445: Customizing Project Pages - Intro 7.71 MB Tara Selman 07/06/2021
doc4443: Customizing Project Pages – Remote Publishing 49.57 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4458: Customizing the Project Tool Menu 42.8 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4446: Discussion Administration 144.79 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4448: Documents Administration 15.69 MB Tara Selman 07/06/2021
doc4450: File Release Administration 75.89 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4464: Introduction to Project Administration 50.56 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4462: Project Hierarchies and Categorization 68 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4442: Project Templates 52.73 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4449: Report Administration 82.27 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4453: Tracker Admin - Advanced Configuration and Layout 122.79 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4451: Tracker Admin - Configuring Kanban Board 73.15 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4452: Tracker Admin - Configuring Task Boards 42.62 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4456: Tracker Administration - Auto-assignment and Workflow Rules 78.17 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4457: Tracker Administration - Creating and Editing Trackers 105.16 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4455: Tracker Administration - Planning Folders 101.23 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4454: Tracker Administration - Teams 48.11 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
doc4447: Wiki Administration 43.45 MB Tara Selman 11/09/2020
Git for Developers - Essential Concepts 1
Document ID : Document Name Size Last Edited By Last Edited On  
doc4533: Introduction 74.36 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4532: Part 1 - Git Basics 198.33 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4531: Part 2 - Team Workflows 99.61 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4530: Part 3 - Git Local Workcycle 219.22 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4529: Part 4 - Git Remote Workcycle 254.26 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4528: Part 5 -Branch Creation and Checkout 40.16 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4527: Part 6 - Merging Branches 17.29 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4526: Part 7 - Checkout vs Reset 21.7 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4525: Part 8 - Git History 32.08 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4524: Part 9 - Help and More 160.3 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
Git for Developers - Essential Concepts 2
Document ID : Document Name Size Last Edited By Last Edited On  
doc4534: Part 10 - Sub-repositories 145.99 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4543: Part 1 - Merging Conflicts Strategies and Cherry Picking 111.88 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4542: Part 2 - Tree Conflicts 18.26 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4541: Part 3 - Git Cherry 113.23 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4540: Part 4 - Rebasing and Shared Branches 153.43 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4539: Part 5 - Tags 16.32 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4538: Part 6 - Utilities and Rename Detection 230.96 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4537: Part 7 - Additional Options 62.9 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4536: Part 8 - Best Practices 42.5 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
doc4535: Part 9 - Advanced Topics 24.4 MB Tara Selman 02/04/2021
Subversion for Developers - Essential Concepts 1
Document ID : Document Name Size Last Edited By Last Edited On  
doc4566: Introduction to Subversion 114.21 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4567: Introduction to Version Control 47.93 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4565: Part 1 - Global Revisioning and Working Copies 149.87 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4564: Part 2 - Standard Work Cycle 218.16 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4563: Part 3 - Mixed Revisions and History 76.54 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4562: Part 4 - Properties 164.18 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
Subversion for Developers - Essential Concepts 2
Document ID : Document Name Size Last Edited By Last Edited On  
doc4571: Part 1 - Branching and Tags 150.46 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4570: Part 2 - Merging 111.42 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4569: Part 3 - Merge Tracking 157.48 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4568: Part 4 - Auto Props, Properties, Imports and Exports 305.52 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
Subversion Enterprise Features
Document ID : Document Name Size Last Edited By Last Edited On  
doc4576: Part 1 - Branch Management and Merging 24.14 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4575: Part 2 - Merge Tracking 154.63 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4574: Part 3 - CollabNet Merge GUI 104.89 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4573: Part 4 - Interactive Conflict Resolution and Sparse Checkouts 174.25 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4572: Part 5 - Change Lists, Peg Revisions and Externals 88.37 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
CollabNet Desktops
Document ID : Document Name Size Last Edited By Last Edited On  
doc4586: MS Outlook - Introduction and Installation 18.94 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4584: MS Outlook - Planning Board 20.88 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4583: MS Outlook - Task Board 46.94 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4585: MS Outlook - Working with TeamForge 36.78 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4590: MS Windows - Introduction and Installation 18.95 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4587: MS Windows - New Features 83.76 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4588: MS Windows - Planning Board 20.9 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4589: MS Windows - Working with TeamForge 52.37 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4582: Visual Studios - Getting Started 97.24 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4578: Visual Studios - Kanban Board 89.84 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4579: Visual Studios - Planning Board 85.74 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4580: Visual Studios - Task Board 86.19 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
doc4581: Visual Studios - Working with TeamForge 162.38 MB Tara Selman 09/29/2021
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